Levels of Care for Hospice Patients in the Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice.

Expected completion, Fall 2014

Respite Care:

Respite programs are planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid care givers.

Even though many families want to provide care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite. Respite care provides that much needed break for the family caregiver, which also is beneficial to the health of the caregiver and promotes a balance of life.

Inpatient Care:

For the patient who is in need of short term care for the control of pain or management of acute and severe clinical problems with symptoms that cannot be achieved in a home setting. This needed care requires the continued supervision of a qualified professional to ensure proper administration of medications and treatments and is allowable until the symptoms are under control.

Routine Home Care:

When a patient enrolls in a hospice program, there is a wide array of services which are to be provided. If the patient does not have symptoms which are out of control and which require continuous nursing care, then the patient is placed on the Routine Home Care Level of Services. This level applies whether the patient resides in a facility or in his or her own home.

The Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice will be a facility providing a comforting, home-like setting for patients in need of routine hospice care but for whatever reason can no longer remain in their home. Although hospice has traditionally cared for patients in their own homes, in many situations home care is not possible. The hospice home offers terminally ill patients a comfortable, family-friendly alternative to the hospital or their own home with the trained hospice team of professionals on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Dear Friends,

Since the founding of the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice in 1980 we have had the benefit of an outstanding reputation in providing quality end of life care.

Julia Quinlan

Julia Quinlan with daughter, Karen Ann Quinlan

As a not-for-profit hospice we have depended on the support of the people in the community we serve. We are now entering a new phase of our journey; to build The Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice. In the past three decades we have grown in numerous ways to always meet the needs of the people we serve. We have depended on your support in the past and you have always been generous. We need your help to raise 5 million dollars to build The Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice.  Your support will secure the future of hospice in our community.

We have purchased over nine acres in Fredon Township, NJ that displays a magnificent view of the rolling hills and the Kittatinny Mountains. The goal of The Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice is to provide a complete continuum of care for our patients in a home-like surrounding that will  provide a setting dedicated solely to the end of life care.

We are offering you the opportunity to join us in securing the future of  hospice in our community. Please help us to make The Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice a reality. We look forward to working with you to make our dream a reality. We have the opportunity to build a house and make it a home.

Julia Quinlan, Co-Founder
Chairman of the Capital Campaign
Home For Hospice

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