A great place to work

Our work environment offers flexibility for full-time and part-time per diem nurse and patient care staff.


  • RN – Home for Hospice – Nights
  • Certified Home Health Aides – Home for Hospice • 3:00 p.m – 11:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Please email your resume to ljordan@karenannquinlanhospice.org or fax to 973-383-4739. Click here to download an application to send along with your resume. All applicants will be acknowledged.

Full-time and Qualified Part-time Employees Receive:

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Paid vacation time
  • Ten days paid sick time
  • Four paid personal days
  • Paid holidays
  • Medical Insurance (choice of coverage – two plans)
  • Retirement Program
  • Optional Disability Insurance
  • Paid Mileage
  • Optional Eye and Dental Insurance


Hospice nurses are registered nurses (RNs) who provide care for terminally ill patients. They work with patients, their families and other healthcare professionals during the final stages of life. Certification in hospice nursing is preferred.

Night Shift 7pm to 7am at inpatient Hospice united located in Fredon, NJ. New Jersey RN licenses required. Must be able to work weekends & holidays on a rotational basis. Hospice/home health experience preferred. At least one year medical/surgical or oncology experience preferred. Please fax resume to (973) 383-4739.

The Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice is the only freestanding inpatient provider for our area. Designed to ensure that individuals with life limiting illnesses unable to return to their own homes, receive gentle end of life care from exceptional clinicians. Along with emotional support for both patient and family, the center offers 10 private rooms overlooking the Waterwheel Farm featuring stunning vistas of the Kittatinny Mountain range.

  • Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Abilities

    • Critical-Thinking Skills: Hospice nurses will need to assess a patient’s situation, as well as detect changes in symptoms, health or pain, and will need to know when action is necessary.
    • Compassion: Hospice nurses help people at the end of their lives. They need to be sympathetic to a patient’s needs, and be able to deal with people in various states of pain, trauma and tragedy.
    • Attention to Detail: Hospice nurses can help doctors administer medications, monitor vital signs and subtle changes in a patient’s health. Attention to detail is crucial.
    • Organizational Skills: Hospice nurses will face patients with differing needs, stages of health and risks. Being organized and knowing how to prioritize will be helpful.
    • Calm Under Pressure: Hospice nurses might face emergency situations. Being able to function in the heat of emergency will be necessary.
    • Patience: Giving care under stressful circumstances requires patience.
    • Communication Skills: Hospice nurses have a close relationship with patients who are scared, in pain or still coming to terms with their death. Families will have questions and want answers. Hospice nurses will need to be a patient listener and good communicator to help keep everyone calm and help them understand the situation.

If you are interested in this opportunity please fax resume to (973) 383-6889 or email it to ljordan@karenannquinlanhospice.org . Click here to download an application to send along with your resume. All applicants will be acknowledged.

Certified Home Health Aides

Full/Part time and per diem positions available. Must be able to work weekends & holidays on a rotational basis. Proof of certification required for home health aides. Hospice/home health experience preferred. Please fax resume to (973) 383-6889 or email it to ljordan@karenannquinlanhospice.orgClick here to download an application to send along with your resume.

Certified Home Health Aide

Our Home Health Aides are certified which means that they have taken a course of study approved by the Health Care Finance Administration and qualify to apply for certification by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. All of our Home Health Aides have cleared criminal background checks and are supervised by registered nurses; who not only instruct them in their responsibilities, but make sure they are competent to perform the assigned tasks. There is a comprehensive list of things which, by law, an aide is not permitted to do. If you wish the aide to do something the nurse has not instructed him/her to do, please discuss your needs with your primary nurse. Home Health Aides may:

  • Bathe or assist bathing, shampooing and dressing the client
  • Assist with oral hygiene
  • Assist client to bathroom or with the use of a bedpan/urinal
  • Assist with exercise program prescribed by the physician or therapist
  • Assist with simple dressings; reinforcement of dressings applied by nurse or family member
  • Test urine for sugar and acetone *
  • Assist/supervise client with pre-poured medications
  • Clean and file client’s nails. No clipping of nails
  • Transfer the client (bed to chair, etc.)
  • Prepare meals for the client
  • Do client shopping or run essential errands during work hours
  • Empty and clean urinary catheter collection bags as needed
  • Record fluid intake and output*
  • Assist with oxygen*

*as assigned by physician



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