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Perona Farms provides meals for Home for Hospice Staff

May 1, 2020

Yesterday the entire staff of the Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice was provided meals by our friends at Perona Farms.  This is in keeping with the decades long tradition of the Avondoglio family’s deep commitment and support of our community and our nonprofits.   For generations the Avondoglio family has been a standard bearer, setting the bar for local philanthropy.

In a delicious irony the meals will be prepared in the Mark Avondoglio, Janice Stevens, Perona Farms Dietary room at the Home for Hospice.  Mark and Janice generously purchased the naming rights to this important part of the Home in 2019.  Janice is a valuable member of the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice’s Governing Board.


Julia Quinlan
Chief Executive Officer
Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice

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